Our Calling

Care. Every person needs care. Our care providers – who include Personal Health Navigators, Care Managers, nurses and doctors – answer the call each and every day to bring care to the communities that need us the most. We understand how fragile life is and how one act of kindness can make a world of difference to someone who may not have access to necessities we take for granted. CINQCARE was founded on this belief and strives to answer the call for care every day – day-in and day-out.

Our Calling

When I was 8 years old, my mother died from a preventable health-related cause. I created CINQCARE to answer the call to deliver health and care where people live. To answer the call to make house calls and care for people where they live…That’s my calling.

CINQCARE was born different. We were not created in the traditional model of the hospital business where patients must come to them. We were created to be “on call”… to answer the call…every day – to deliver health, care and well-being-to Black and brown people in their homes and their communities —when they need it the most. We are 100% mobile, so no matter what, CINQCARE will be there. Yes. We come to you. That’s our calling. And maybe that’s your calling too.”

Tony Welters,