Careers with a Calling

Why CINQCARE May Be Your Calling.

CINQCARE was born different. We were created to be on call to answer the call every day. We are driven to deliver health, care and well-being to those who need us the most, with a deep commitment to Black and brown people, in their homes and their communities. That’s our calling.

Caregivers were born to give care to others. And it’s not just a job. It’s a purpose. It’s a calling.

So, if you are a caregiver or being called to become one, give us a call.

We aim to empower frontline caregivers to deliver better health, care, and well-being to their communities and ultimately to America. So please explore our career center and discover if an opportunity at CINQCARE is your calling.


Careers With A Calling

A couple of years ago I was kinda lost…I graduated from High School, and I went to college—but after a year I was still kinda lost…Now that I look back, I was lost cause I had not yet discovered my purpose in life…like so many of my friends. Then my uncle told me about CINQCARE, and I checked it out…you know what-for the first time in my life I said to myself…I know what my calling is…to help people and care for people where they live…so here I am…