Annual Assessment Visit Program

At CINQCARE, we call those we serve Family Members because we provide the same level of care to you as we would our own family. And, when we say caregiver, we mean attendants, aides or any other helpers involved in your care.

Delivering comprehensive care to 
CINQCARE Family Members

The Care at Home Annual Assessment Visit Program provides eligible Family Members with a comprehensive health check in the comfort and safety of their home. This is particularly important for those who haven’t been able to be seen at their doctor’s office this year or get an appointment as often as needed. Our program supplements the Family Member’s primary care provider by identifying unmet needs and undiagnosed conditions, closing gaps in care, and providing education and support.

Key areas assessed in the Care at Home Annual Assessment visit include:

  • Physical examination, including vitals and other measurements such as weight, blood pressure and body mass index.
  • Labs such as Hba1c testing for blood sugar monitoring.
  • Medication review
  • Medication adherence counseling
  • Activities of daily living
  • Pain assessment
  • Memory testing
  • Depression screening
  • Risk of falls
  • Social determinants of health

Here’s how it works

CINQCARE Family Members who may benefit from a Care at Home Visit are identified by their primary care provider or Health Plan.

  • Family Members are called to schedule a home visit or telehealth session.
  • A physician or nurse practitioner conducts a 45–60-minute interview with the Family Member.
  • The nurse or a medical assistant performs necessary in-home testing. Some vaccinations may be provided if needed.
  • Family Members receive medical counseling and education.
  • The physician or nurse practitioner sends a copy of the assessment with their care recommendations to the primary care provider.

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