Care at Home is another way CINQCARE delivers health and well-being, where you live. It’s a virtual and in-home practice designed to supplement and support your primary care. Physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants assess, diagnose and provide treatment via video conference and/or in-person home visits. When needed, these caregivers can also render labs, tests and procedures in your home. Depending on your needs, you will be directed to either the Care at Home Annual Assessment Visit Program or the Care at Home Concierge Program. Select a program below to learn more.

Annual Assessment Visit Program

Our Care at Home Annual Assessment Visit Program ensures that you receive comprehensive care through an annual health check, conducted in the comfort and safety of your home. This program is particularly beneficial for those who have been unable to visit their doctor’s office regularly or as needed.


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Concierge Program

At CINQCARE, we understand the importance of having a caring support system in place. If you have a caregiver, whether it’s a member of your family or another helper, we work alongside them to provide you with comprehensive care. Don’t have a caregiver? No problem! We are here for you, providing a health navigator to guide you and ensure you receive the necessary assistance.

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Clinical Pharmacy Service

Care at Home offers its Family Members a personalized telehealth service that connects them with expert clinical pharmacists in a secure, private and convenient way. Family Members will learn ways to make their medication regimen more efficient and effective, save money and avoid side effects and potential medication interactions. If their provider thinks this service would be helpful, our team may contacts them via mail, phone or text. An appointment with a clinical pharmacist can be made by calling 716-354-8917 for go online to



At CINQCARE, we take pride in knowing that our providers, who include doctors, nurses, care managers, personal health navigators and other team members are committed to a culture of care – from delivering care in the home to providing other support to remove barriers to health and well-being.

We are building our CULTURE OF CARE by understanding our Family Members, their needs and their Care Plans.

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