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How does CINQCARE work?2022-09-16T15:03:36-04:00

At CINQCARE, those we serve are called Family Members. To join the CINQCARE family, you can sign-up. CINQCARE then will assign you your own Personal Health Navigator (PHN). Your PHN will undertake a comprehensive health and well-being assessment for you and help you set personal health goals. They will also help you to identify family, friends and community networks, as well as other health and well-being contacts and resources as part of your personal care plan.

What does a Personal Health Navigator (PHN) do?2022-09-15T13:46:30-04:00

A Personal Health Navigator (PHN) is your bridge to your care providers (e.g., doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, social support service partners). Your PHN is your guide and advisor for your healthcare and well-being needs. You can expect your PHN to be in regular contact with you and your care providers.

Does CINQCARE take insurance?2022-09-13T16:56:25-04:00

CINQCARE partners with various health insurers that offer Medicaid, Medicare and employer-sponsored health plans.

What services does CINQCARE offer?2022-09-02T13:45:47-04:00
  • In-Home Care
  • Mental Health Support
  • Social Support Services
  • Transportation Services
How do I sign up?2022-09-12T18:48:56-04:00

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