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Care, where you live

CINQCARE commits every day to improving the health and well-being of those we serve – who we call Family Members. At CINQCARE, we offer a person-centered system of care to coordinate and provide access to health and care, including mental health and community-based services to improve the health and well-being of our Family Members.

We were born different at CINQCARE. We were created to be on call to answer the call every day and always. To deliver health, care, and well-being to those who need us the most, with a deep commitment to Black and brown people, in their homes and communities. So, no matter what, CINQCARE is committed to be there. Yes, We come to you. That’s our calling. To care for you, where you live.

CINQCARE Family Members receive premium medical health services. We strive to treat you the way we all want our family treated – with the utmost respect and care.

Local to the community, CINQCARE has access to referrals and resources to fit our Family Members’ need. Get in touch, by clicking the button below, and find out if CINQCARE is right for you. After filling out the form, a Personal Health Navigator (PHN) will contact you.

Our services

ACO Reach2023-06-09T00:44:24-04:00

CINQCARE has teamed up with your practice to offer a no cost way to improve your Medicare services without any change to your doctors or other providers, while keeping your Medicare benefits fully intact.

Our program also includes $0 Medicare cost sharing for qualifying doctor visits with our practice.*
Your additional services include*

A dedicated Care Coordinator from your community to help with:

  • Managing your appointments
  • Filling and refilling prescriptions
  • Providing transportation
  • Making the most of your benefits
  • Taking advantage of other social programs

Direct access to a nurse by phone at any time:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Care in your home:

  • Visits from a Home Health Aid
  • Home-based physical therapy
  • Telehealth

Expanded access to services including:

  • Nutritional education
  • Mental health support
  • Translation services

*Certain services may require a qualifying patient diagnosis or condition.

Health Home2023-06-09T00:47:44-04:00

A Health Home is a group of health and community agencies that work together to provide care to people who have a variety of health issues to ensure they get the care they need to keep them healthier and safer in the community.

Each person who joins our Health Home gets a “Care Manager.” Our Care Manager will work closely with you to get the services you need in your community. The Health Home service is paid through New York State Medicaid.

Here are some of the benefits of Health Home:

  • General Care (dermatology, family medicine, imaging centers, urgent care,
    laboratory services, etc.)
  • Specialty Care Services (cardiology, general surgery, neurology, podiatry, etc.)
  • Medical Appointment Assistance
  • Care Management
  • Telehealth
  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Specialty Care Services
  • Wellness and Fitness Center
  • Nutritional Education
  • Language Translation
  • Shuttle Service

Care At Home2023-06-09T10:57:15-04:00

Care at Home is another way CINQCARE delivers health and well-being, where you live. It’s a virtual and in-home practice designed to supplement and support your primary care.

Physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants assess, diagnose and provide treatment via video conference and/or in-person home visits. When needed, these caregivers can also render labs, tests and procedures in your home.

Depending on your needs, you will be directed to either the Care at Home Annual Assessment Visit Program or the Care at Home Concierge Program. Select a program below to learn more.

In-Home Care2023-01-30T07:36:09-05:00

CINQCARE offers our Family Members with services in the home without having to come to the clinic. We offer:

  • Wound care
  • Medication delivery and administration
  • Respiratory therapy for asthma
  • Annual wellness visits for well-care
  • Urgent care right inside the home, instead of going to the hospital

Transportation, Food & Housing2022-09-02T14:40:29-04:00

CINQCARE is building a robust network of Community-Based Organizations to make sure our Family Members get the support they need, especially if they visit the Emergency Room (ER) frequently. We will help Family Members see all of the care providers they need, not the medical providers, but other providers of care and support services as well.

At CINQCARE, we offer Transportation Services, Dietary Advice/Recommendations, Social Support Services, and Mental Health Services for our Family Members who need it.

One-Call Nursing Solutions2022-08-31T13:51:42-04:00
  • We have nurses available by phone 24/7.
  • Call one phone number for all your care needs. A nurse is on-call to answer your immediate questions.
  • For urgent needs, one of our nurse practitioners will host a tele-visit.
  • For more serious needs, we will come to your home.

Advanced Clinical Monitoring2022-08-31T13:42:41-04:00

For Family Members who require consistent attention, CINQCARE will provide clinical monitoring devices in the home so our team can be alerted when their health situation requires our support, so we can reach them immediately.

Engaged Care2022-09-02T17:38:46-04:00

CINQCARE is improving the way we work with caregivers, caretakers, and families. We want to engage our Family Members’ families so we can partner as we take care of loved ones. We know families need help; we want to provide the tools to help improve the health and well-being of CINQCARE Family Members.


Additional Hospital Support2022-09-05T10:36:52-04:00

CINQCARE will help when you go into the hospital. We will support ensuring you have the care you need when you are ready for release. We will see Family Members within 48 hours of discharge – by tele-health, in the office, or where practical, in the home. We will work with your Personal Health Navigators to ensure you are stable and get the equipment you need for recovery.

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