CINQCARE Partners with March of Dimes to Combat Maternity Care Deserts

September 21, 2023

Washington, DC (September, 21, 2023) – Today, CINQCARE, a healthcare company based in Washington, DC that prioritizes the health and well-being of Black and Brown people in their homes and communities, announced its partnership with March of Dimes, a national leader in the fight for the health of all moms and babies.

CINQCARE will incorporate the Better Starts for All program, initially developed by March of Dimes, into its existing healthcare services. In 2020, March of Dimes began piloting two types of maternal care interventions to increase access to healthcare and improve outcomes in maternity care deserts through the Better Starts for All initiative. These evidence-based interventions, Mom & Baby Mobile Health Centers® and Community Health Workers, provide services in ways that are tailored to women and their communities. The CINQCARE and March of Dimes partnership is a testament to their shared commitment to maternal health and a united effort to address critical healthcare disparities.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with March of Dimes as one of our Partners in Purpose,” said Dr. Denise Christian, Chief Clinical Officer at CINQCARE. “This partnership expands our commitment to maternal healthcare excellence. By integrating the Better Starts for All program, CINQCARE is addressing critical healthcare disparities that affect at-risk mothers. CINQCARE is crafting a legacy of care that resonates deeply with our core values and dedication to ensuring that mothers, regardless of their circumstances, receive the exceptional health and care.”

The Better Starts for All program, a flagship initiative of March of Dimes, has a track record of success in improving outcomes for expectant mothers and infants nationwide. By integrating this proven model into its operations, CINQCARE will pursue the following goals:

  1. Engage and assess at-risk mothers and provide whole-person care.
  2. Offer culturally appropriate doula care with expectant mothers.
  3. Extend mothers with home and community-based obstetric care.
  4. Provide individualized meal plans for expectant mothers.
  5. Deliver medically tailored meals for mothers with complex chronic illness.
  6. Coordinate comprehensive social care for mothers in need.

“We are pleased to work with CINQCARE, an organization that shares our unwavering commitment to improving maternal and infant health.” said Senior Vice President, Market Impact Alison Spera. “Together, we will make incredible strides for moms and babies, ensuring that every expectant mother receives the support and care necessary for a healthy pregnancy and birth.”

In a report released by the CDC in 2022, data collected from 2017-2019 showed that 84% of US Maternal deaths were preventable. This partnership comes at a critical juncture for maternal healthcare in the United States.


CINQCARE is committed to removing barriers to health by every day delivering care and well-being to those who need it most, with a deep commitment to Black and Brown communities. CINQCARE is passionate about empowering frontline caregivers to deliver better health, care and well-being to the communities they serve. We are on a mission – community by community – to be the provider-led, comprehensive care partner of choice – delivering care where our members live – in their homes and their communities. At CINQCARE, we champion a Culture of Care, because we care. For more information, visit


March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. We support research, lead programs, and provide education and advocacy so that every family can have the best possible start. Building on a successful 85-year legacy, we support every pregnant person and every family.

What we do

CINQCARE’s culture of care starts with understanding our Family Members, their needs, and their plans. CINQCARE operates with the principle that every person should receive the dignity, respect and care we offer our own Family Members.

By delivering care where you live, CINQCARE’s Family Members experience higher convenience, greater reductions in preventable adverse events, and better closure of gaps in care —which improves outcomes and, in turn, drives down medical costs.

Who we are

CINQCARE is a Black owned company, founded by Tony Welters, whose mother died from a preventable healthcare related condition when Tony was 8 years old and lived in Harlem. Her needless death and the way the healthcare system failed his family, drove Tony to create AmeriChoice, a healthcare company that served people like his mother. Tony and the AmeriChoice team succeeded by meeting members wherever they were as if they were their own family. In 2002 Tony and his team sold AmeriChoice to UnitedHealthcare. In 2020 the COVID19 pandemic disproportionately affected the U.S.’s Black and Brown populations, with well documented health and care disparities inadequately addressed.

The healthcare sector’s response to the pandemic revealed the need to reapply the lessons learned from AmeriChoice. Tony created CINQCARE to answer the call to every day deliver health, care and well being to those who need care the most, with a deep commitment to Black and Brown communities To provide care that treats members like family.