CMS Recognizes CINQCARE and Doral Health for Breast Cancer Screening Initiative

Washington, DC – May 20, 2024 – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recognized CINQCARE and Doral Health and Wellness for their impactful Breast Cancer Screening Initiative.

CINQCARE is a purpose-driven health and care company committed to delivering health, care, and well-being in the homes and communities of those who need care the most with a deep commitment to Black and Brown communities. CINQCARE’s provider partner Doral Health and Wellness is a multispecialty, interdisciplinary medical facility with five locations in Brooklyn, NY.

CMS selected CINQCARE and Doral to present their program, “Overcoming Health Inequity in Breast Cancer Screening for Black and Brown Women in Brooklyn, NY,” at the prestigious 2024 CMS Health Equity Conference. The presentation will shed light on their Breast Cancer Screening program tailored for Family Members, the term CINQCARE uses to describe the community it serves.

“We are deeply honored by CMS’s recognition,” said Dr. Denise Christian, Chief Medical Officer at CINQCARE, “This reaffirms CINQCARE’s steadfast commitment to partnering with aligned, mission-driven organizations to advance health equity within Black and Brown communities.”

“Many thanks to CMS for giving us an opportunity to amplify this important work,” said Deborah Forbes, RN, Executive VP of Operations at Doral, “Breast Cancer Screenings save lives, so we look forward to continuing this impactful program with CINQCARE.”

Renee Karim, LPN, BSHCM of CINQCARE, and Collette Mills, RN BSN MHM of Doral Health and Wellness, will present at the 2024 CMS Health Equity Conference on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024. For further information and registration, visit:


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